Inuvik Speed Test

The Inuvik Speed Test is for New North Networks' customers only. It will not work unless you are connected to the internet through one of our high-speed modems. This test measures download and upload rates between your home and our internet servers in Inuvik. It is the most accurate measure of your connection speed and will let you know whether an issue is local or remote.

High Level Speed Test

The High Level Speed Test is also for New North Networks' customers only. Like the Inuvik Speed Test, it is a diagnostic tool that helps us determine where potential bottlenecks may be occurring. This speed test will measure the upload and download speeds from your cable modem, to the dome, down the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Line and to the connection point in High Level, Alberta.

Ookla Speedtest

The Ookla Speed Test is amongst the most popular and accurate speed tests available. This speed test has many options including the ability to choose the end point of your test. We recommend that customers in Inuvik choose Whipcord's server in Lethbridge, Alberta since it is located at the end of the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Line.