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New North Networks offers the greatest selection of analogue and high-definition digital cable tv packages in Inuvik. Sign up today to enjoy hundreds of channels plus our famous community bingo channel.


Basic Package

Basic features all the major networks including local news and entertainment for the kids.

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Plus Package

Plus features sports, news, comedy, history and more family entertainment.

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Encore Package

Enjoy all your favourites in high-definition! Encore has something for the whole family.

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Browse our Digital Add-Ons

New North Networks offers a variety of digital packages with more movies, more sports and more fun for the whole family.

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Experience the best in digital entertainment with HBO, Adult Swim and more.

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Never miss another game with all the SportsNet channels from across the country.

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Explore the natural world with the best in science, travel and documentaries.

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Enjoy Nickelodeon, National Geographic and a variety of family programming.

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Lifestyle features the best from National Geographic as well as E!, Book and DIY.

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Watch all your favourite films from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s with Hollywood Suite.

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Fishing, fights, football and basketball

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Don't miss a beat with a selection of channels focused on business and politics.

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Feed your soul with programming of a religious and spiritual nature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help answer some common questions about our digital cable services.

Once I sign up for cable television, what happens next?

Our office administrator will call to book an appointment for one of our technicians to come and install the service. The appointment takes approximately one hour. Please call in advance if you are unable to be present for appointment.

How much does it cost to connect or reconnect cable service?

There is a $50 connection fee for installing cable service into a household. The connection fee also applies if you need your service reconnected.

How do I upgrade or sign up for additional cable packages?

Upgrading is easy! Simply call our office at 867-777-2111 and talk with our friendly staff who will activate channels or packages upon request.

If I upgrade my cable package in between billing cycles, how will I be charged?

Package upgrades will be pro-rated and charged to your next monthly bill.

What equipment do I need for digital cable service?

All digital cable customers are required to have a set-top box in order to receive the digital cable signal. The set-top box is provided by New North Networks for a cost of $10 a month.

Can I buy the set-top box rather than pay the monthly rental fee?

Yes. You may buy the Cisco 1642 set-top box for $240 plus GST.

Do I need a set-top box for analogue cable television service?

No. Only digital cable television customers are required to have a set-top box. Analogue customers are able to plug the coaxial cable directly into their televisions sets.

Does the set-top box allow me to record my favourite programming?

The standard set-top box (Cisco 1642) does not allow for recording.

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