$10,000 Bingo for East Three Secondary School on June 15th, 2024!

Channel 22
$10,000 Bingo for East Three Secondary School on June 15th, 2024!

Join us for a special night of Bingo with a grand prize of $10,000! This unique event supports the East Three Secondary School Travel Group, bringing our community together for fun and fundraising.

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, June 15th, 2024
  • Time: Bingo starts live on New North Networks shortly after 7pm
  • Location: Inuvik, live on Channel 22
  • Card Pickup:
    • Where: New North Networks, 74 Firth Street
    • When: 1pm - 7pm

How to Participate

  1. Pick Up Your Bingo Cards

    • Cards are available for pickup at New North Networks (74 Firth Street) between 1pm and 7pm on the day of the event.
  2. Tune In

    • Tune into Channel 22 on New North Networks to participate in the live Bingo event. The game will start shortly after 7pm.
  3. Have Fun and Good Luck!

    • Enjoy the game, have fun, and try your luck at winning the $10,000 prize!

This event is a fantastic opportunity to support the East Three Secondary School Travel Group while enjoying a fun evening with the community. We hope to see you there!

New North Networks is a locally-owned internet and digital television provider in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Established by Tom Zubko, we have been serving the Beaufort Delta region since 1990. New North Networks offers high-speed internet and digital cable television plans, as well as essential radio communications services and facilitation of cellular services through Ice Wireless.

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